Friday, February 24, 2006

Young Porn and Sex

Internet porn became the easiest way to get into pornography ever. Our days are plenty of sex and online porn, everywhere: on television, newspaper, news – and every kind of mass media we can imagine. That is because sex and porn sells. It always did. Even in ancient times, where there were not photographic cameras, we could note some erotic draws considered today as porn by puritans. Besides that media bombs us with esthetic and beauty every day, what makes us, most of times, think that sex and love are related to these particular attributes. What happens, in fact, is that not everybody has those breasts and physical appearance. Sometimes, people can feel frightened of getting to know somebody just because of that: not being as pretty as the ladies/boys depicted television. Youth and beauty are two things people would like to have; and forever. Beauty becomes oldness, just like youth. We can realize that, by seeing our relatives and friends getting older every single minute. In opposite of that, the popular thought created, in magazines, websites and videos, the idea that being young is maximum point of life. Due to this fact, we can see a lot what people really enjoy, by visiting porn websites. Young girls and boys are one of the most sought on porn websites. That would not be so harmful if people would not get addicted to this way of thinking. The unreachable beauty is almost impossible to be found in real life and that can go against the idea internet sells, for example.
Porn as a sex entertainment it is ok to enjoy some pictures and videos depicting young girls and boys, but we must be warned about pedophilia, its illegality and brutality and how cruel it is. All models, according to law, must be over eighteen years, at least. The first thing people must do when notice an illegal site is to call the authorities so they can take some attitude regarding to the situation. To stay cool will never help the world to step forward. Yes, youth is beautiful and can be appreciated by many ways, even by erotic and porn ones, but never forgetting that the reality must be differed from a photographic session, where make up and lights can make anyone to look prettier.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Everybody knows that the first time is a very concerned topic to many young people, specially when you have an old brother or friend that bother you abou it trying to tell you what to do and when to about and let your coments!
New to Sex
The world of sex can sometimes be incredibly intimidating and disconcerting. In a maxim culture or boobs, butts and booze, there can be a sense of our own sexuality becoming an uncontrollable Frankenstein. This beast has become something beyond our control, away from what we actually want, and that can make sex and all the things that come with it seem less enjoyable and more like a summit to reach and not a journey to enjoy.
At Sexinfo101 we are advocating a different way of look at sex, especially for those who are new to it and just starting to form, what will be, a life long sexual identity. Take it slow and stop trying to be like the crowd. Both men and women should feel comfortable progressing at their own pace. To often we get caught in the panic of “what have we not done?” or “ what has everyone else done?” This can so many times lead to forcing a sexual moment or a sense of sexual let downs. This is totally counter to what we feel sex is all about: Fun and self exploration.
Let’s face it, there are only a few spaces in our lives that we can let it all down and be completely true to ourselves, and our emotions, sex is one of them. Whether it is your first time with a long time sweetheart, or whether it is your first time with a stranger, taking your time to not push something unnatural, will make the experience one to remember and grow from, not forget and scar. So heed our advice, and the advice of trusted friends and family, but most of all listen to yourself, and don’t live up to anyone’s expectations but your own. Life isn’t a performance, so stop listening to the critics.

Does anyone use Anal Toys ? I guess many of you do ... but probably just a few gonna assume using and injoying it. The fact is that this is a common game and can be very plasureble if you are open up to your fantasies.
Butt Plugs
A butt plug is a toy that is inserted in the rectum. Once inserted, you can leave it where it is or move it in and out. Many people enjoy the sense of fullness that butt plugs bring, much in the same way women enjoy the fullness experienced during vaginal sex. Others enjoy the sensation of inserting something in their anus.
Butt plugs come in many different shapes and sizes. Some of the sizes seem silly, but some people are obsessed with larger toys, so the companies willingly accommodate. The most popular plugs are less than an inch in diameter, and roughly 4 inches long.
Climax Beads
Beads are some of the most popular anal toys. They range from soft to firm-textured, usually consist of four to ten balls connected with a piece of nylon cord or plastic/rubber, and there are a wide selection in ball sizes. Whichever type you are interested in, they are virtually the best toys to ease into anal play.
Climax beads are a very simple toy to use. After being covered by lubricant, they are inserted into the anus bead by bead. Most people then leave the beads where they are until near the point of orgasm, at which time the beads are pulled out one by one. This can greatly intensify an orgasm to the point that it is too intense to handle. We suggest starting with smaller balls, and then moving up, as you get more experienced.
And like everything else involved with anal play, cleanliness is of the highest importance. Make sure to clean your toy thoroughly after using it, store it in a dry dust free place, and be very gentle when starting out.

For many couples, the prostate is a largely unexplored region of recreation, and yet it can be an area of pleasure for both partners. Whether this area becomes a staple of your sexual practices is to be determined, but some initial investigation is recommended before making a decisive conclusion.
The prostate gland is centrally located inside the pelvic region of the male; it sits below the bladder and immediately in front of the rectum, wrapping itself around the urethra in order to add to the flow during ejaculation. The area between the anus and the genital ‘zone’ is known as the perineum, which is in close contact with the prostate gland. So not only does this little organ lend itself to hedonistic pleasure, it also actually performs a reproductive function by producing a seminal fluid that allows sperm to survive in the vaginal cavity.
Reaching the gland can be a potentially invasive procedure, involving petroleum jelly, rubber gloves (if desired), and wholehearted arousal in order to stimulate relaxation of the sphincter muscle. The stigma associated with anal penetration may be negative, depending on a person’s particular background. Factors that affect an individual’s readiness to delve into this sphere can range from degrees of homophobia or a fear of appearing homosexual, to simple issues of discomfort. An important point to consider is the man’s willingness to engage in this affair; the more frightened, unsure, or unwilling the recipient is, and the more the incident is going to hurt, lowering the overall chance of success. Perhaps a drink or two might be required to relax inhibitions.
Though it is a voluntary muscle, the anal sphincter is designed to open upon internal pressure ... specifically, the force that is exerted from a full bowel. If gentle stress is placed on the periphery of the (well-lubricated) anus, it will perform the same action in reverse, almost sucking the finger into the rectal area. Once the finger or suitable substitute is inside the rectum about one or two inches, it must be pointed towards the ventral (stomach) region of the male and gently manipulated. In other words, if you are sitting between your partner’s legs and your finger is in his anus, curl it toward yourself to facilitate the stimulation of his prostate to orgasm. Some men may need less or more specific attention to the areas in and around the rectum; for some companions, provoking the perineal surface before and during sex can promote or intensify the climax, and can form an alternative method to penetration.
It`s very important to don’t feel discouraged by the apparent elaborateness of preparation; anticipation is half of the enjoyment. Dont be ashamed and injoy it!

There is a lot of pressure in the world to make sex a pornographic, sweaty, wall-grasping, handcuffed, screaming and bucking, harlequin-romance-novel type experience. This is simply not the case. Most men only last so long, and most women report being bored by overly long sex, when the man jack hammers away as if his sexual prowess is on the line, and he is sure the French judge is being paid off to give him a low score. If this were the case, building foundations would have to be more securely constructed, and earthquake proofed. Can you imagine an apartment building with two hundred couple all having sex like rabid monkeys? Well it is fun to imagine, but it is just not the ideal we should be striving for.
The most important goal for our sex life, to be working towards, is increasing our own pleasure. One of the most relaxing and gentle ways to have sex under any circumstances is when you are lying down. These position are multiple and fairly original. We will can show you from the most familiar to the most bizarre, but what maintains consistent, is that from the most experienced lovers to the least, sex was meant to be had laying down. It allows our bodies to relax completely into the moment and focus on our lover’s bodies instead of holding ourselves up. Since our muscles are soft it means that our energy can be more completely directed at our genitals and our minds.
Its normal to have sexual difficulty, whether that means men who have performance anxiety or premature ejaculation, or women that have trouble having orgasms or becoming aroused. Experts all recommend relaxing sexual experiences as part of any healthy way to address such sexual dysfunction. feeling good with yourself and respecting and trusting in your partner are the principals of a good sex.