Saturday, February 04, 2006

Everybody knows that the first time is a very concerned topic to many young people, specially when you have an old brother or friend that bother you abou it trying to tell you what to do and when to about and let your coments!
New to Sex
The world of sex can sometimes be incredibly intimidating and disconcerting. In a maxim culture or boobs, butts and booze, there can be a sense of our own sexuality becoming an uncontrollable Frankenstein. This beast has become something beyond our control, away from what we actually want, and that can make sex and all the things that come with it seem less enjoyable and more like a summit to reach and not a journey to enjoy.
At Sexinfo101 we are advocating a different way of look at sex, especially for those who are new to it and just starting to form, what will be, a life long sexual identity. Take it slow and stop trying to be like the crowd. Both men and women should feel comfortable progressing at their own pace. To often we get caught in the panic of “what have we not done?” or “ what has everyone else done?” This can so many times lead to forcing a sexual moment or a sense of sexual let downs. This is totally counter to what we feel sex is all about: Fun and self exploration.
Let’s face it, there are only a few spaces in our lives that we can let it all down and be completely true to ourselves, and our emotions, sex is one of them. Whether it is your first time with a long time sweetheart, or whether it is your first time with a stranger, taking your time to not push something unnatural, will make the experience one to remember and grow from, not forget and scar. So heed our advice, and the advice of trusted friends and family, but most of all listen to yourself, and don’t live up to anyone’s expectations but your own. Life isn’t a performance, so stop listening to the critics.