Saturday, February 04, 2006

There is a lot of pressure in the world to make sex a pornographic, sweaty, wall-grasping, handcuffed, screaming and bucking, harlequin-romance-novel type experience. This is simply not the case. Most men only last so long, and most women report being bored by overly long sex, when the man jack hammers away as if his sexual prowess is on the line, and he is sure the French judge is being paid off to give him a low score. If this were the case, building foundations would have to be more securely constructed, and earthquake proofed. Can you imagine an apartment building with two hundred couple all having sex like rabid monkeys? Well it is fun to imagine, but it is just not the ideal we should be striving for.
The most important goal for our sex life, to be working towards, is increasing our own pleasure. One of the most relaxing and gentle ways to have sex under any circumstances is when you are lying down. These position are multiple and fairly original. We will can show you from the most familiar to the most bizarre, but what maintains consistent, is that from the most experienced lovers to the least, sex was meant to be had laying down. It allows our bodies to relax completely into the moment and focus on our lover’s bodies instead of holding ourselves up. Since our muscles are soft it means that our energy can be more completely directed at our genitals and our minds.
Its normal to have sexual difficulty, whether that means men who have performance anxiety or premature ejaculation, or women that have trouble having orgasms or becoming aroused. Experts all recommend relaxing sexual experiences as part of any healthy way to address such sexual dysfunction. feeling good with yourself and respecting and trusting in your partner are the principals of a good sex.